Meals on Wheels Breakfast at Chaitanyapuri

Meals on Wheels Lions Club of Hyderabad Satyam organised Meals on Wheels Breakfast on the occassion of Lion M Bharat Reddy Birthday at Chaitanyapuri feeded 250 peoples Lion T Anjaiah, RC , Lion Dr Kacham Satyanarayana, ZC, are the Guests of the Prgrammes. Lion N Ramesh, President,Lion M Chandramouli, Lion Ekasai, Lion Kodali Surender, Lion Vidyasagar, Lion Ramnaresh, Lion Vinay Babu and other lion members participated .

Meals on wheels Breakfast at Saroornagar

Meals on wheels breakfast organized by Lions Club of Hyderabad Satyam First Vice President Lion Kacham Srinivas, Lions Club of Hyderabad on his birthday at Gandhi Statue , Saroornagar. 200 breakfast are giving to the commuters . Lion Juluri Raghu , DG-320A Chief Guest for programme , Lion T Anjaiah, RC, Lion K Satyanarayana ZC , President of the Satyam Club Lion N Ramesh , Treasurer Lion V Srinivasulu, Lion kottur Veerendhar. Second Vice President,Lion sai , Lion Sridhar ,Lion kodali Surendhar and other lions club members are present