Lions Club of Hyderabad Satyam is emerging club in the supervision of Lions Club of Hyderabad Everest and India’s most popular and  Top Lions Club , Lions Club of Hyderabad, Lions Club have most eminent ,prestigious  and Industry experts as Members. 

Lions Club of Hyderabad has started their journey in the Lionism adopted from Late Melliwin Johnes , Founder of Lions Club of International.

Lions Club of Hyderabad Satyam is a unique Club in the jewel of Lions Club of Intrenational, It has most experienced Professional in Medicine,Legal,IT and Social Service . They have passionate for Social Service and Humanitarian in every aspect.

Ln Dr Kacham Satyanarayana, Elected as a First Charter President, He is well Known social activist, He had patronized so many artists, he had performed uncountable Hunger Relief Camps for needy, he had distributed tri cycle’s to Physically Retarded Peoples, distributed  Brailee Materials and equipments to  Loco-Motor Disorder persons, He had distributed Notebooks, pens, Study Materials  to poor students, he had also given stifund to students for their Higher Studies  

Zone Chairperson 2022-2023

Club officers 2022-2023

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