HUMOCUE- HB-301 Donation

Lions Club of Hyderabad Satyam and Lions Club of Hyderabad Everest jointly donated HUMOCUE- HB-301 to MNJ Cancer Hospital ,Hyderabad, HUMOCUE- HB-301 is helpful to recognition of Blood levels and Blood Haemoglobin for Cancer Patient Treatment , it is of worth 30,000/- . HUMOCUE- HB-301 handedover to Smt Jayalalitha, Director, MNJ Hospital, HOD of Radiology by Ln Juluri Raghu,mjf ,Dist Head: Senior Citizen’s Day, Lions Club of Hyderabad Everest, Dr Kacham Satyanarayana,mjf, Chapter President , Lions Club Of Hyderabad Satyam , Madhusuhdan Reddy, Kasam Ekasai, K Veerender ,Nangunuri Ramesh are present.